Hello, I'm Yo!

Meet our 2022 Girl Power 2.0 Emcee, Yaziri Orrostieta, or 'Yo.' 

Yo has spent her life learning the value of hard work and education, and has an amazing journey to show for it! Read her story below.

Yo's Girl Power Story

Yaziri Orrostieta, known as “Yo” among friends, grew up in Mexico until her sixth birthday, when her family decided to move to Tyler, Texas. Yo attended Douglas Elementary School and her favorite subjects were math and history.


During her time at Moore Middle School and Legacy High, Yo developed her love for competition and sports, where she participated in volleyball, basketball, track, soccer, and tennis. Unfortunately, her freshman year in high school Yo had to give up participating in sports due to home responsibilities. So, she began to explore computer coding, web design, art, theater, photography, and other languages.


During this time, her parents decided to start their own business, and received Smith County’s first food truck permit. Growing up with entrepreneur parents, Yo was no stranger to hard work. During the summer months, Yo would wake up at 5 AM to join the food truck drivers and cooks for the day. They would make their routes throughout Tyler and Longview. In the evenings and weekends, Yo, would help her mother make her Mary Kay newsletter, customer phone calls, and online orders.


All her life YO knew she was going to college or as her dad called it “University.” Education was the reason her parents left Mexico to come to America. She just didn’t realize that she had choices on where she could go to college. By the time her senior year came, she had taken the ACT and SAT and applied to colleges her friends were applying to. She was accepted to all of them but due to responsibilities at home and the cost of college, Yo decided to attend Tyler Junior College (TJC).


While at TJC, Yo worked as a teller at Bank of America. Eight months after she was hired she was promoted to Personal Banker, making her the youngest Bank of America banker in East Texas at the age of 19. Although she enjoyed her job and felt like she won the lottery making $22,000 a year as a banker, Yo’s education suffered, missing several classes and exams due to work responsibilities. After talking to her parents about the situation, Yo decided to go back to being a teller. Education was priority in the Orrostieta household; the reason her family came to America!


After completing her Associates Degree at Tyler Junior College, Yo transferred to UT Tyler, where she focused her studies in Marketing. Yo sought out getting a double major in Finance and Marketing but after learning that wasn’t an option at that time, she began a minor in PR & Advertising, her junior year. While at UT Tyler, Yo was a charter member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority and Marketing Chair for the Financial Management Association.


Still employed at Bank of America, her senior year, Yo met Michael and Lisa Lujan, who offered her an opportunity to intern at their start up, Mentoring Minds. Yo, not being a morning person remembers waking up every weekday at 5 AM to make it to Mentoring Minds by 6 AM and then head to class at 8:30, while keeping her job at Bank of America until her last semester.  But the hard work paid off as she secured a full-time job at Mentoring Minds after graduating college. Two years after graduating from the University of Texas at Tyler, Yo was able to go back to school to pursue a degree in International Marketing, from the University of North Texas, where she graduated from in 2013.


YO worked in the marketing depart of Mentoring Minds for 7 years before being recruited to be the Marketing Director for a regional bank, serving all over East Texas. While being employed full-time, Yo began her own businesses. To this day, she’s started and operated 5 different businesses - one of which failed completely and one which has flourished into a successful real estate business. The other businesses have continued to operate but have not taken off. It was during this time too, that the Tyler community began to recognize Yo’s reinvest in Tyler, by giving of her time and money and volunteering with several nonprofits. In 2018, Yo received the W.C. Windsor Award, an award given annually to an individual under 40 for their leadership role in the community.


In 2019, Michael and Lisa Lujan, offered Yo the opportunity of her life, asking her to lead their brand-new start up, WorkHub, as the company’s first CEO. Yo led WorkHub, proudly serving over 416 different companies and 1,500 individuals who used the WorkHub facilities during its existence. Sadly, due to the impact COVID had on the business model, Yo and the Lujan’s had to make the tough decision to shut down the company in the winter of 2021.


Today, Yo has relocated to Houston, Texas where she is the Regional Manager for financial company, Greater Texas Capital. Leaving her family, friends and community has been hard but she knows that everything that is worthwhile includes challenges and sacrifices. When she feels alone or questions her decision, she recalls one of her favorite quotes, “You paint your life the color of your choice. It can either be pink and full of color or it can be grey and sad. The choice is yours.”


Yo’s story is one of hard work, perseverance, goal setting - and GIRL POWER! We’re thrilled to have Yo as our Emcee for this event, and can’t wait for you to meet her!